About AutoPets

The Beginning

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AutoPets, originally Automated Pet Care Products, Inc., was founded in 1999 by engineer Brad Baxter. Desperate for a solution to scooping his cats' litter, he sought to create the best automatic self-cleaning litter box. The first generation Litter-Robot™ went to market April 2000, and in 2006, an improved version of the Litter-Robot was launched. The third generation Litter-Robot Open Air, launched July 2015, has exceeded customer expectations and resulted in record sales. Since then, tens of thousands of Litter-Robots have been sold worldwide.

Kitty a GoGo


In 2010, AutoPets acquired the Kitty a GoGo™ designer litter box. It was originally founded in 2003 by a designer/former clothing buyer and a medical design engineer. It seemed that so little style and variety was available in the cat litter box market—unlike the dog accessory market. Thus, the idea for a decorative, whimsical, and functionally innovative litter box was born.



Developed and designed by AutoPets, the Feed-Safe™ enclosed feeding station launched in 2013. It houses pet food bowls inside a dome to create a safe haven where your smaller pet can eat in peace.  It features an adjustable sliding door that locks into position, allowing your smaller pet in while keeping larger pets out, and an alternate one-way exit. Instead of standing guard over your smaller pet while he eats or resorting to feeding your cat on the counter, the Feed-Safe™ protects your cat and its food for you.

Kitty Play Zone

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On a fateful Take your Daughter to Work Day, Brad Baxter, President of AutoPets, brought his daughter Caroline to work with him and into a development meeting. Caroline immediately put pen to paper and produced the concept for the Kitty Play Zone. The Kitty Play Zone is a cardboard playhouse for kids and cats. Kids can build and design their very own castle or cottage, and cats can have their own playpen and feeding station. The Kitty Play Zone's white cardboard exterior is made to be decorated with markers, crayons, stickers, and more! There's an internal climbing tower, loft, peephole, and it comes with two stainless steel bowls for the feeding station.

Location and Assembly


The majority of our products are assembled and shipped from Juneau, Wisconsin. We take pride in providing high quality products that are built to last. However, when something goes wrong, we have the capability to repair or replace components for all of our products. We believe that by making it right the first time, incorporating design features that allow for repair or refurbishment, and finally considering how a product may be disassembled at the end of its useful life for recycling goes a long way toward being a good steward of the environment. These values are also ‘good business’ and we continue to improve these concepts as we move forward with our new line of products.

As a co-located company, we are headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, just north of Detroit—the automobile design and development capital of the world. In Auburn Hills, we focus on new product development, marketing, excellent customer service, and administration. Pet products and the automobile industry may seem worlds apart, but when it comes to high-tech product design and development, and the ancillary services needed to make that happen, Detroit and the surrounding area is a great place to be. That also goes for our team here at AutoPets, as we're able to pull from a skilled and experienced workforce.

We Encourage Your Suggestions

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The product development team at AutoPets welcomes your comments and suggestions on how to improve any of our products. Or, if you have a great idea for a pet product that meets our company goal of designing products that make life easier for pets and their owners, we’d love to hear from you!


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