Kitty A Go Go

Kitty A GoGo

Go in style

A stylish litter box that doesn't compromise function.

  • Pull-out litter drawer
  • Six styles to match your décor
  • Built-in hand scoop storage

Kitty A GoGo

Go in style

Thoughtful design elements make caring for your cat easy!

  • Convenient pull-out drawer and litter tray
  • Ventilated hood with handle for easy transport
  • Built-in hand scoop storage
Kitty a GoGo Choices

Kitty A GoGo

Go in style

Six designs to match your personality and décor!

  • No more boring gray tray
  • High-impact stain resistant plastic
  • Custom designs available for orders of 500+

Kitty A GoGo

The Designer Litter Box

Style meets function with Kitty a GoGo, the industry's first designer litter box! No more relegating the boring gray tray to the far corners of the house. The Kitty a GoGo gives your cat a place to go in style!

With six unique colors and patterns, thoughtful design elements, and construction that's built to last, you don't have to compromise function for style. Finally, a litter box that's simple, convenient, and works with your decor.

Stain-resistant plastic that will last the nine lives of your cat
Spacious and comfortable for cats of all sizes
Provides that extra bit of elegance to your home

Six Great Designs to Match Your Lifestyle

  • Leopard Leopard
  • Flower Print Flower Print
  • Polka Dot Polka Dot
  • Woodgrain Woodgrain
  • Metallic Metallic
  • Black Black

Kitty a GoGo Designer Litter Box

4.9 out of 5
  • Pull-out litter drawer for easy cleanup
  • High quality, high impact stain-resistant plastic
  • Large capacity litter tray
  • Replaceable drawer liner included
  • Built-in ventilation slots
  • No disassembly required to clean litter tray
  • Cleans in just seconds
  • Clear flip door with Velcro bracket
  • Hand scoop storage
  • Portable with convenient grab handle
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